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3 Interior Design Trends To Watch in 2022

3 Interior Design Trends To Watch in 2022

After spending so much time in your home during the pandemic, you probably have a desire to create a beautiful and comfortable space for you and your family. Your home should be a reflection of your personality and inspire your mind. While trending home designs change regularly, explore these three interior design trends to watch in 2022 to keep up with what's in style.

New Minimalism

While minimalism has been a common trend for several years, a few years of pandemic life can give you a newfound love for open space. Not only do fewer furniture pieces and personal items allow for more space, but this also creates a sleek and clean look. The increasing urge to purge things that aren't necessary calls for a more minimalistic style, which may also help reduce your overall stress.

Vintage and Modern Combinations

Another new interior design trend is to mix different styles. Rather than doing an entire room in the vintage style, you can pick and choose a few vintage pieces to pair with contemporary home furniture for a unique look. More people are buying and repurposing antique furniture right now than ever before, and it's a beautiful alternative to buying new.

While there's nothing wrong with buying brand new, an antique can bring a rare touch of beauty into your home and tie together a room.

Nature Tones

Whether you want to feel more in touch with nature or you simply love warm neutral tones, natural colors such as sage, tan, and gray can make for a super cozy living room. Add in stone and wood décor for a rustic style that's unmatched! Another way to enhance the natural tones is to use greenery for centerpieces and additional décor.

Hopefully, these three interior design trends to watch in 2022 will inspire you to make a change in your home. While creating a space that's both functional and resembling your personality may seem exhausting, you can make it fun. Choose styles that genuinely speak to you, and you can't go wrong.

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