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3 Tips To Add a Splash of Color to Your Bedroom

3 Tips To Add a Splash of Color to Your Bedroom

There’s no shortage of advice about the dos and don’ts of bedroom furnishings and design. Bedrooms should be conducive to rest and relaxation. That has led to advice that ranges from adopting minimalism and eliminating clutter to excluding television and even cellphones from the bedroom environment. The blue light these screens emit, we’re told, interferes with circadian rhythms and can inhibit sleep.

But creating a peaceful environment doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to bland décor. There are ways to liven up your bedroom without altering its essential character. If you’ve chosen a neutral palette for the room, you can still incorporate accents that add some interest. Try one or more of these three tips to add a splash of color to your bedroom.

Add Artwork

Choose framed prints, cherished photographs, or even textile art to add interest and texture to your walls. These can subtly pick up on a color in your bedcover or carpet, without overwhelming the overall sense of restfulness the room imparts.

Select an Accent Chair

Since you will have banished the TV from the bedroom (f you want to follow the advice about screens and blue light), make yourself a reading nook instead with modern contemporary accent chairs and a side table. Choose a saturated color for a pop of vitality, a pastel to maintain the peaceful theme, or a leather chair to add a touch of comfort in a warm tone.

Use Plants

Indoor plants add a touch of life to a neutral room, with the added benefit of providing natural air freshening. Choose one statement plant, such as a bamboo palm, areca palm, or kentia palm, appropriately potted so as not to stain floors or rugs when you water it. These palm species are known to provide air purification benefits and are generally nontoxic to pets (but check with your garden store to be sure).

Follow these three tips to add a splash of color to your bedroom, and you’ll find your sanctuary has become even more welcoming.

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