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4 Modern Design Tips To Stylize Your Coffee Table

4 Modern Design Tips To Stylize Your Coffee Table

You may not think it’s a big deal, but your coffee table is the main focal point of your living room. While your coffee table may look like a catch-all spot for miscellaneous items, you can revamp it with a few simple changes. Delve into these four modern design tips to stylize your coffee table and take your décor to the next level.

Go Green

You can start with an attractive plant, succulent, or floral arrangement; it works wonders for your table design. Plants make your décor seem more natural and carefree rather than staged. Additionally, greenery adds an unmatched pop of color.

Use Trays

There’s a way you can keep your remotes, coasters, and other small items on your table while also staying organized and stylish: use trays. Trays can add a little flair to your décor and help you keep track of your coffee table must-haves.

High and Low

The best of the four modern design tips to stylize your coffee table is using highs and lows in your layout. A common mistake many people make is using too many items of similar size in their design.

Sticking to the rule of high and low can help keep your décor balanced. For example, use a tray, a short candle, and a tall plant for an eye-catching design.

Make Seasonal Changes

Since it’s typically the center of the room, your coffee table is a great place to display seasonal designs. Most of your setup can stay the same, and you can easily add something small and simple to make a huge impact. For example, a snowman for winter, fresh flowers for spring, seashells for summer, and a pumpkin for fall are excellent starting points when swapping out items by season.

Check out Harmony Modern’s selection of modern coffee tables for sale to start completely fresh on your design.While style is essential, your coffee table should also be functional for your household. Make your living room a beautiful reflection of your life with a suitably styled and practical center.

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