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4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Stools for Your Restaurant

4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Stools for Your Restaurant

Being a restaurant owner is an extremely rewarding experience, but it can also be difficult to make the best decisions for your business. Restaurants typically have multiple sections, one being the bar area, and you might have to choose more than one type of seating to suit the space. With that said, bar stools are a must. Whether you’re starting a new business or giving your existing space an upgrade, consider these helpful tips for choosing the perfect stools for your restaurant.

Consider the Height

Choosing the perfect bar stools can be difficult since this seating option comes in various shapes and sizes. Although you may think you can buy the first one you love online, you must consider the height before making a purchase. Unfortunately, the most common mistake people make when buying bar stools is over- or underestimating the stools’ height compared to the counter. Before buying any modern stools for your bar area, ensure that the stool’s seat will rest approximately one foot below the underside of your countertops.

Determine the Best Style

There are many stool styles on the market, and you must choose the best one for the desired appearance and feel of your restaurant. Many stools are backless, but this might not be the best choice for your restaurant. Most people prefer to have a backrest if they stay for more than a few minutes, and some guests might even sit at the bar for a full meal experience. With that said, you should decide whether you want traditional stools or high-rise chairs for your bar counter.

Think About a Footrest

Sitting in a high-rise chair can be uncomfortable when your legs are dangling, so you must consider this factor for your customers. If possible, opt for bar stools with footrests if your counter area doesn’t have a built-in ledge for people to rest their feet. Some people are tall enough to reach the ground from their seats, but this isn’t the case for many; therefore, a footrest of some kind is crucial.

Calculate How Many You Need

Once you decide which stools will suit your restaurant’s needs, you must determine how many seats are necessary to fill the space. First, measure the total length of the bar counter. Then, measure the width of each stool and divide the counter length by the stool width; this will give you the number of chairs that will fit. However, you should subtract 6–12 inches from your counter measurement to allow for extra space between each stool.

Hopefully, these tips for choosing the perfect stools for your restaurant will help you decide on the best ones for your business. Stools are a significant part of your bar area—be sure to choose the right style, height, and quality for your customers.

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