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5 Creative Ways To Use Bar Stools Throughout Your Home

5 Creative Ways To Use Bar Stools Throughout Your Home

Many people tend to overlook bar stools because they believe they belong only in the kitchen or bar area. However, they can take on many unique roles inside and outside your home. With a touch of creativity, you can find a way to use a stool in every room of your house. Let these five creative ways to use bar stools throughout your home inspire you to utilize the one you have lying around or find one to buy.You’ll always need a place to set your drink or other personal items in the living room. With that in mind, side tables can get expensive, and a bar stool is a cheaper alternative. Additionally, using a stool as a side table creates a minimalist look.

Vanity Stool

Rather than a complete vanity desk, many people are turning toward full-body mirrors to save space. Consider using a bar stool as an option to sit at your mirror to get ready for the day. When you’re not using it as a vanity stool, you can also utilize it in other home areas.

Window Plant Stand

Instead of cluttering up your side table or windowsill with multiple indoor plants, you can use a bar stool as a new home for your plants and succulents. Put it near a window with ample sunlight, and you have yourself a unique indoor growing station!

Table or Extra Seating on Your Porch

Having a set of contemporary bar stools on your porch is a good idea for more than one reason. In fact, they work as extra seating when you have company, or they can function as tables. You’ll have a place to set your mug if you enjoy your morning coffee on the porch or have a unique stand for your outdoor plant.

Charging Hub

Everyone needs a place to charge their phones and other electronic devices, so utilize a basic bar chair as a charging hub. Everyone can choose the cable they need, plug in their device, and leave it on the stool top. Place it near an outlet, and use a power strip to run multiple charging cords up the middle of the stool for a unique charging station!

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