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5 Things You Need To Design a Modern Waiting Room That Wows

5 Things You Need To Design a Modern Waiting Room That Wows

Believe it or not, many cases of patient dissatisfaction have nothing to do with your quality of care. Instead, it has to do with your waiting room layout, design, and comfortability. You might be missing a chance to drastically improve your patients’ overall experience, but you can turn it around with these five things you need to design a modern waiting room that wows.

Soothing Paint Colors

Soothing paint colors on the walls can go a long way toward helping your patients relax. Visiting the doctor, dentist, or specialist can cause significant stress and anxiety for many people, and staring at a bright red wall won’t help. Instead, opt for calming, earthy tones such as soft blues, grays, and greens.

Just a Touch of Décor

Décor is essential for any waiting room, but it’s possible to overdo it. Your décor should reflect your specialty and draw in your ideal clientele; however, covering every inch of every wall isn’t necessary or desirable for those sitting in the room. Too much on the walls can make the room feel smaller and overwhelm your patients as a result.

A Comfortable Layout

A comfortable layout is perhaps the most crucial factor in your waiting room. For example, putting 20 chairs of the same shape and size in a row creates a crowded area and doesn’t allow for personal space. Instead, allow plenty of space by putting chairs in clusters or pairs separated by small tables or plants.

Additionally, the chairs should be comfortable for anyone to sit in for up to an hour. Provide stylish but comfortable chairs of all shapes and sizes to accommodate anyone who walks through the door. Browse Harmony Modern online for a wide variety of modern chairs for sale.

Refreshment or Coffee Bar

Although it may not seem like a big deal, enjoying a complimentary cup of coffee or tea and a snack can make waiting a bit more bearable. Consider providing a coffee maker with several options, stocking a mini-fridge with water and juice, and offering various snacks to your patients.

Adequate Lighting

Adequate lighting can make all the difference in your waiting room. You don’t want to lull your clients to sleep, but you don’t want the area to be too bright. Natural light is the best possible option, but soft artificial lighting will suffice.

Believe it or not, your waiting room shapes your patients’ first impressions of your practice. Keeping people comfortable will elevate their mood even if they wait longer than expected. With these five things, you can design a modern waiting room that wows.