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7 Fabrics Making a Design Comeback in 2022

7 Fabrics Making a Design Comeback in 2022

When it comes to designing the interior of your home or office, the fabrics you choose for your furniture can have a significant impact. Depending on the material, you can create a wide range of aesthetics and showcase your style in ever-changing, unique ways. Therefore, it’s vital to keep up with the latest trends if you want to make the most of this strategic decision.

But sticking to furniture trends doesn’t always mean only adopting new fabrics. Even materials that have been around for some time can add that extra allure you’re looking for. Here are fabrics making a design comeback in 2022 and how to incorporate them into your environment.

Cotton Canvas

Cotton is one of the most popular furniture upholstery fabrics in the world. Not only is this natural material inexpensive to acquire, but it also boasts some of the best textures. Though it’s known for its structural stability, cotton is very soft, making cotton furniture perfect to lounge on after a long day. It’s also incredibly resistant to fading and durable enough to withstand continual use. Best of all, though, cotton offers some of the largest color and pattern varieties on the market.

However, this material is still highly susceptible to stains and can trap dust within its fibers. As such, you’ll need to clean these pieces regularly to protect them and those who use them.


Linen, made from the woven-together fibers of the flax plant, is another naturally generated textile. It’s strong, absorbent, and quick-drying, making it a more practical choice than cotton in some circumstances. It’s also very easy to print on, which is why linen is a common choice for those wanting intricate patterns on their furniture pieces. Considering floral prints on the rise again, it looks like linen will spike in popularity come 2022.

Make sure to remember, though, that linen can shrink, stain and wrinkle easily. Because of this, you should have a professional wash these furniture items if you want to maintain their condition.


As a close-knit variant of cotton, silk, or even some synthetic fibers, velvet has an incredibly smooth and soft texture that makes it feel luxurious. Its short, plush strands make for a unique look that partially reflects light back into the room. As such, it can brighten up a space and create an energized aesthetic. For this reason, velvet furniture items often make a perfect addition to office lobbies and residential living rooms that need a bit of extra class and coziness.

The drawbacks to using velvet upholstery often involve keeping it clean. This material is highly dust-absorbent and susceptible to fiber damage. Also, if you ruin it, it’ll never regain its previous texture, so be careful when incorporating these pieces into your interior design.


Another noteworthy fabric making a design comeback in 2022 is fleece. An offshoot of polyester, fleece is soft, breathable, and very warm. In fact, the texture alone is enough to complement a cozy aesthetic and create the perfect place to relax, especially in the wintertime. This fabric is also resistant to allergens. Since it won’t trap as much dirt and dust as cotton, it’s a great alternative for those wanting to take control of their allergy symptoms. Fleece is eco-friendly, so it’s a popular addition to the world of sustainable furniture options.

However, you’ll need to make sure to keep these furniture pieces clean. Fleece can trap foul odors that permeate into the rest of the room. As such, regular washes and stain treatments are essential to keeping them in good condition.


If you want a fabric that continues to look and feel nice for several months, consider wool. Highly durable and sturdy, wool can resist many common forms of upholstery damage, such as pilling and staining. For this reason, it’s a wonderful choice if you’re trying to furnish a high-traffic area of your home or office.

On the reverse side, though, wool can be very allergenic. Its thick fibers trap dust and dander, which can enflame allergy symptoms in certain individuals. Regular vacuuming can help prevent this, but wool still poses an issue for those with respiratory conditions.

Recycled Polyester

Polyester is a synthetic fiber developed from several types of man-made polymers. As a result, it’s lightweight, airy, and moisture resistant. Polyester will resist most stains and damage that could potentially ruin it, making for a long-lasting and durable solution to most upholstery problems. To make this fabric more sustainable, furniture manufacturers are also recycling it for use in new pieces. Because of this, experts expect it to become a popular trend in the next few months.

It’s still important to mention that polyester can build a noticeable static charge over time, causing clothing and other materials to stick to it. Pet fur is a particularly large problem that polyester furniture owners struggle with, so keep a vacuum or lint roller ready to correct any noticeable collection spots.


Nylon is another synthetic material that’s common in furniture upholstery. Often combined with wool, cotton, or silk fibers, this fabric has several additional resistances that make it an incredibly practical choice for any home or office. It can fight off the appearance of matting and will maintain its soft texture for much longer than velvet.

On the other hand, nylon is still very susceptible to pilling with regular use. It’s also sensitive to direct sunlight; its colors will fade with constant exposure to UV rays. Therefore, it’s best to place these pieces away from windows and reserve them for lower-traffic lounging areas.

As furniture trends continue to change into the new year, you will gain an entirely new range of options to choose from. We at Harmony Modern go the extra mile to ensure that you can find any type of piece you’re interested in. By using our website, you can buy modern furniture online that perfectly complements your home or office without the hassle of walking through a showroom. Visit our site to browse our complete selection of chairs, sofas, and desks to find just the right addition to your interior design.

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