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Creating a Cozy Atmosphere in Your Home With Modern Design

Creating a Cozy Atmosphere in Your Home With Modern Design

Decorating and furnishing your home can be challenging, especially if you feel stuck between design styles. Many people want to build a modernized space but find it lacking the hominess they desire. On the other hand, a homey space may lack pleasing aesthetics. Explore how to create a cozy atmosphere in your home with modern design.

Mix Textures

The cozy aesthetic consists of soft and fuzzy surfaces, while hard and shiny surfaces point to modern design. Therefore, combining the textures is the best way to create a hybrid design. Consider offsetting your wood or metal coffee table with a soft linen sectional sofa or balancing your sophisticated leather sofa with comfy throw pillows.

Upgrade Lighting

Believe it or not, the lighting in your home can make a massive difference when it comes to design. Typically, low lighting makes for a cozy space, but bright, natural light says modern design. Although you can install curtains to adjust the light, you can also install dimmable lighting systems. Brighten it up during the day and dim it down during the evening to get cozy.

Add an Accent Chair

Adding a velvet, soft leather, or wool accent chair to any space can bring a cozy element and change the entire room's look effortlessly. Adding a soft accent piece makes all the difference when you have a room that feels too hard and industrial. On the other hand, you can dress up a cozy space by adding a modern contemporary lounge chairand a metal side table.


While you might think you have to choose only one design type, you can combine different aesthetics by accessorizing your home. For instance, adding candles, greenery, soft throw pillows, and blankets to your bedroom or living room creates a cozy atmosphere without making drastic changes.

Creating a cozy atmosphere in your home with modern design is easier than you may think—all it takes is a new piece of furniture or new and improved accessories and decorations. Mixing your sleek and neat furniture with comfy pillows and blankets creates a cozy space with a slightly modern aesthetic.

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