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Creative Design Tips for Any Small Urban Space

Creative Design Tips for Any Small Urban Space

Working with a small living space offers opportunities for innovative interior design. Try some of these creative design tips for any small urban space to make it attractive and functional.

Use Light Colors on the Walls

It’s the oldest trick in the book, but using white and off-white make spaces look bigger. Dark walls will close in on you visually. Of course, there are some rooms where dark walls provide dramatic interest when you expect them to be small anyway. Examples of this include a powder room, entry, or reading nook.

Add Mirrors

Another trick in the classic repertoire is adding mirrors to cramped spaces to make them seem larger. Use wall-mounted mirrors on dead-end halls or even within bookcases to give the illusion of more space.

Lower Furniture, Raise Art

Furniture with a lower profile makes rooms seem taller. Enhance the effect by hanging artwork high on the walls to draw eyes up. Adding contrast with tall potted plants can have the same impact.

Maximize Natural Light and Hang Drapes High

If you have the blessing of a large window or several smaller ones, make sure you let in as much natural light as you can. Of course, you’ll need window treatments that close off the outside view at night for privacy. Hang drapes at ceiling height to make the room look taller.

You can also mount lighting on walls, use pendant lights, or hang string lights for a charming effect.

Use Furnishings That Multitask

You want every piece to serve at least two functions when you have limited space. Use daybeds that double as sofas and store things under countertops and in open spaces beneath end tables.

Add seating that doubles as storage, such as benches or ottomans. These types of seating furniture can come in models that open up to hide away blankets, books, or extra pillows.

Benefit From Modern Pieces

Midcentury modern pieces are famous for their clean lines, economy of scale, and practicality. So check online for modern coffee tables for sale. Another tactic is to use transparent glass or Lucite tables or chairs.

Don’t Shy Away From Large Pieces

A room full of Hobbit-sized furniture makes your home look like, well, a Hobbit hole. Large statement pieces can pull a space together and give it a focal point.

For example, one large sectional instead of several smaller chairs can clearly define your seating area and make it decidedly separate from your dining and sleeping area.

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