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Decorating Tips To Spruce Up Your Home Bar

Decorating Tips To Spruce Up Your Home Bar

Even if you don’t have a specified space in your home, you can still cultivate your own bar area. There’s nothing better than enjoying a cocktail or spirits whenever you like, and it’s more than possible when you have a bar area or cart at home. With that said, you may need a few decorating tips to spruce up your home bar and create a relaxing, laid-back space.

Add a Mirror to the Backsplash

Whenever you go to a restaurant or bar, you may notice mirrors on the walls behind the bottles. Interestingly, this backsplash makes a space appear larger and gives it a more open feeling. Consider adding a mirror to your backsplash and installing glass liquor shelves to give your home bar an official commercial feel and open up the space.

Repurpose a Large Dresser

Although bars typically have counter space, you don’t need to install cabinetry to achieve the same design. You can create a unique, vintage look by repurposing an old, large dresser. Because many antique or vintage dressers are usually at least five feet long, you’ll have plenty of space to store your favorite spirits. This way, you can create an amazing bar space using something you may already have or can find easily.

Make the Space Feel Inviting

Bars should be inviting since they are places to gather, drink, and chat. With that said, you should do your best to make your home bar feel warm and welcoming. Consider adding contemporary bar stoolsto provide seats for your visitors to sit and hang out.

You can also put different serving glasses on display and add a custom neon light to make the space feel like an authentic bar setting. A few simple additions are the perfect way to make your home bar feel like the real deal.

Hang a Top Shelf

When you go to a regular bar, you may notice the more expensive liquor typically sits on a higher shelf than the other bottles. Interestingly, this placement indicates that they are top-shelf choices. Consider hanging a shelf on the wall above the rest of your bottles to place your top-shelf liquors. Because many expensive, high-quality liquors come in decorative bottles, you can use them as an extra touch of decor for your bar.

Hopefully, these decorating tips to spruce up your home bar will help you create the space you’ve always imagined. Why go out to the bar when you have one at home? Invite your favorite people over to enjoy a cocktail and chat in your new and improved bar area.

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