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Easy Ways To Refresh Your Kitchen Before the Holidays

Easy Ways To Refresh Your Kitchen Before the Holidays

We’ve all spent a lot of time inside our own four walls this past year. As the seasons change, consider some easy ways to refresh your kitchen before the holidays. None of these require a major remodel—they’re simply a few new touches that can liven up your space.

Add Under-Cabinet Lights

If you don’t already have them, adding under-cabinet lights creates a warm way to highlight your backsplash tile, provide light for your countertop workspace, and brighten dark corners. These lights don’t have to be expensive—you can install several styles of battery-powered, under-cabinet LED lights without opening walls to connect wiring.

Replace Countertops

Replacing countertops can be cheaper than you think. Big stores have sale after sale during the holidays. Dealing directly with a stone supplier can cut a large percentage of the cost of working with a designer. Laminate, butcher block, and even granite are reasonably priced options.

Add Counter-Height Seating

Consider adding modern, counter-height stools to provide seating for family or friends who like chatting with you while you’re preparing a meal. These seats are also great if you want to create a breakfast area, homework space, or crafting area.

Paint Your Cabinets

Painting or refacing your cabinets can instantly transform your kitchen, and it costs much less than replacing them altogether. While you’re at it, consider replacing your cabinet hardware. New handles and knobs can change the whole character of your cabinets. They’ll go from dated and stodgy to modern and sleek.

Upgrade Your Faucet

Swapping out a kitchen faucet is another easy way to refresh your kitchen before the holidays. You can go with shiny chrome, brushed nickel, bronze, or even brass depending on the rest of your décor. Be mindful of clearance between tall faucets and kitchen windows that open inward for cleaning. Decide whether you want or need fancy, high-tech features such as motion detectors.

Finally, nothing beats a thorough cleaning to brighten your kitchen and your spirits before the holidays. If it’s been a while since you conducted a full swab-down, consider getting professional assistance. People in the cleaning service know how to get into all the nooks and crannies and make your kitchen sparkle. Just remember to lay down the rules about the types of cleaning products you will and won’t allow in your home.

Happy holidays in your newly refreshed kitchen!

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