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Everything You Need To Know About Living Room Sectionals

Everything You Need To Know About Living Room Sectionals

Whether you’re redecorating your home or furnishing a new house, there are many different options available when the time comes to choose a new sofa. Your living space should be a comfortable and peaceful place, and your sofa choice can play a big role in creating the right atmosphere. That said, discover everything you need to know about living room sectionals.

Couch vs. Sectional

There are pros and cons to each option, so knowing the main differences can help you decide which style is right for your home. Read on to learn more about couches versus sectionals.


A sectional sofa is unique because it consists of two or more pieces that join together to create a larger couch. In many cases, this also means they offer more seating than regular couches. In contrast, a traditional couch is a single unit.


Because sectionals come in more than one piece, you can put them together in multiple different ways to suit the room or your preferences. On the other hand, standard couches come in a specific shape that you can’t change.

Types of Sectionals

After learning what a sectional is, you should also know the various types of sectionals available so you can decide which is right for your home.


Curved sectionals usually have a unique shape that is more artful and elegant than the typical sofa design. However, these sofas usually don’t sit flush with the wall because of their curvature, so they might not work well in smaller spaces.


Sleeper sectionals are perfect for those who want an extra bed in the house but don’t have an additional bedroom. This awesome couch style easily transforms into a bed for your visitors. Even though you probably shouldn’t sleep on it every night, sleeper sectionals are excellent for temporary house guests.


L-shaped sectionals are one of the most popular choices. As the name implies, this sectional configuration looks like the letter L. Basically, two or more sofa pieces come together to form a right angle, making this style great for a corner of the room or for creating separation in an open-concept floor plan.


U-shaped sectionals are another common choice when it comes to couches because they’re comfortable and homey. Whether you have a lot of space to fill or want to cultivate a conversational spot, U-shaped sectionals are excellent for providing a lot of seating.


Chaise sectionals are similar to regular sofas, but with an ottoman or footrest attached to one side. This option is like an L-shaped sectional but slightly smaller. Chaise sectionals are perfect for cozier spaces.


Most sectionals come in a few pieces that fit together in a specific way, but that’s not the case for modular options. Modular sectionals consist of multiple pieces that you can arrange in various configurations according to your room design or preferences.

How To Choose Between a Sectional and Traditional Sofa

Now that you know more about each sectional option, you can move on to choosing between a sectional or traditional sofa. Consider the following as you weigh your options.

Determine How Much Seating You Need

Seating is crucial when it comes to choosing the perfect sofa for your living room. Suppose you have a large family; a sectional might be the best option to seat everyone. On the other hand, you could probably get away with a small sofa if there are only two people in the house. However, you should also consider how often you host guests—if that is fairly often, keep in mind that a sectional provides ample guest seating.

Consider Room Size

Room size is another vital factor to consider, as the couch should fit in the room comfortably. If the room is large, a sectional is an excellent choice. Alternatively, you might choose a traditional sofa if your living room is on the smaller side.

Think About Flexibility

If you enjoy rearranging your furniture frequently, you might not want a large sectional. Often, there’s only one way to lay out your living room if you have a sectional. Unless you opt for a modular configuration, a traditional sofa is best for those who want to be able to move the furniture around whenever they like.

Remember the Purpose of the Room

You should also consider the purpose of the room before choosing your couch. For example, if you want to host gatherings in your living room, a large U-shaped sectional might be the best choice for you. On the other hand, a traditional sofa is generally better suited for a formal sitting room.

Reasons To Choose a Sectional

Sectionals are great choices in many cases, but they’re not suitable for every room or every person. That said, you might need a few convincing reasons to choose a sectional for your living room.

It Provides Room for More People

If there’s ever a chance you’ll need more seating for guests or family members, choosing a sectional is a great way to accommodate more people. You might not need additional seating often, but it can’t hurt to have plenty of options for your family members.

It Sections Off Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans can be difficult to furnish, but doing it in sections is an excellent approach. You might decide to have a separate sitting area with armchairs and a small coffee table, or you can use a sectional sofa to create a compartmentalized area within a larger space.

It Works Almost Anywhere

While sectionals are most suitable for larger living spaces, they can also work in smaller areas. Even though you might not be able to rearrange the room in multiple configurations, a sectional can help create a beautiful and cozy space in a small room. The key to ensuring proper function is measuring the area before shopping for couches. When shopping, be sure to measure each option to make sure the sofa you want will fit in the desired location.

After learning everything you need to know about living room sectionals,you can decide if it’s the best modern couch style for your home. Furniture is a significant part of your overall decor, and there are many options to consider as you shop for new pieces. Once you choose the right sofa, you can cultivate the rest of the room around it to create the ideal living space.

Everything You Need To Know About Living Room Sectionals

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