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How To Design an Elegant and Modern Lounge or Lobby

How To Design an Elegant and Modern Lounge or Lobby

Whether you own a hotel, store, or other business, you can benefit from having a designated lobby or lounge space for your guests, customers, and employees. In fact, consumers are looking for more in businesses than just a place to stay, eat, or purchase something they need. They appreciate the companies that go above and beyond to make them comfortable. With that in mind, consider how to design an elegant and modern lounge or lobby. You’ll be able tocreate a spectacular space for everyone who steps through your doors.

New Expectations

Many businesses have survived by doing the minimum when it comes to design and hospitality. However, people are starting to expect more from hotels, restaurants, stores, etc. Consider ensuring the space has designated areas for work, relaxation, eating, and connecting with others to suit everyone’s needs. Although many businesses believe they can get by with aesthetically pleasing décor, people have new expectations that they consider the bare minimum. Look at these amenities to check them off your list or put them on your list of things to add or update.

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Accessible electrical outlets
  • Complimentary snacks and beverages
  • Ample seating

Create a Productive Space

Because remote work has become such a widespread phenomenon, many people travel with all the technology they need, such as their computers, tablets, cellphones, etc. With that in mind, there’s no need for hotels and other public areas to provide a computer and printer area. Therefore, you can focus on creating a designated productive space. For instance, your lounge or lobby could resemble a coffeehouse with various seating options, free coffee, free Wi-Fi, etc. These will make it suitable for remote workers to have their conference calls, meet with people, or complete independent work.

Make It Easy To Relax

Although work is important, your guests should also be able to relax in the common areas. When it comes to hotels, people are no longer looking for the cheapest rate. In fact, they’re going to book the place that will give them the best overall experience, which includes lounge areas. Many guests value being able to get work done at their hotel, but many others prefer a place to relax, socialize with friends and family, or meet someone new. Check out these suggestions to make your establishment stand out above the rest.


If you’re unsure what ambiance is, you should know it’s the overall atmosphere of your place of business. There’s nothing better than a peaceful ambiance, and your lobby should exude welcoming vibes with good lighting, décor, fragrances, etc. While many hotels focus on each individual room, people want to spend more time in the lounge or lobby area. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to ensure it’s inviting for those who stay. Consider adding dimmable lighting to change the overall atmosphere depending on the time of day. Furthermore, an authentic fireplace can help make the space feel cozy and make your guests feel more at home and relaxed.

Bar or Restaurant

Although there are probably bars and restaurants nearby, you can increase your overall revenue and your guest’s satisfaction by having a bar or restaurant space within your establishment. You may think this is a waste of time and money, but it ensures your guests stay longer. Furthermore, they’ll spend more on food and drinks if they have a comfortable place to hang out.

Coffee Bar

Because you can charge for food and alcoholic beverages in the restaurant area, you should consider having a free coffee bar in the lounge. When you offer multiple coffee strength levels and flavors, your guests won’t feel the need to go elsewhere to get their coffee. While complimentary coffee doesn’t directly help your business, it increases your guests’ satisfaction, which leads to a higher rate of customer retention.

Choose Your Overall Style

Even though you probably already have a design, you should consider updating your overall style and making it come to life. Many business owners like to stick to a uniform design, but there’s nothing wrong with choosing more than one style. For instance, you can opt for modern décor and wall art but combine it with Victorian furniture.

Arrange the Space Accordingly

There’s nothing worse than a poorly arranged room. Therefore, you should ensure your floorplan makes sense for aesthetics and functionality. Angle your furniture to create distinct spaces, and be sure it’s practical for the room’s purpose. For example, you wouldn’t put the sofa on the same wall as the TV if the room’s purpose is to watch the TV. If you have designated spaces for work, play, relaxing, and connecting, it’ll be much easier to arrange the room accordingly.

Invest in Comfortable and Functional Furniture

Many designers often overlook comfortable furniture because they believe it’s more vital for it to look sleek and sophisticated. While style is essential, comfort is imperative. Aside from comfort, the furniture you choose needs to be functional for the space. For instance, you should invest in a gorgeous, cozy couch for people who want to sit together. Still, you also need various contemporary lounge chairsto accommodate individuals of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

Take Advantage of Lighting

Lighting is a common issue inside buildings, but it doesn’t have to be. Many businesses are either too bright or too dark. Yours will stand out if your lighting is just right. Although light fixtures are beautiful and necessary, you can use natural light to reduce electricity use and bring a touch of nature inside. If you have windows in the lounge or lobby, then using the correct window coverings makes all the difference.

Mood or ambient lighting is ideal in the evening. However, natural light is perfect for the daytime. With that in mind, your window coverings should be dark but easy to open and close according to the time of day.

Be Intentional With Wall Art

Wall art is an excellent way to tie your paint color into your flooring and furniture choices, but you don’t need to overdo it. In fact, the less you have on the walls, the better. Consider choosing a few simple pieces and a few bold ones to add a nice pop of color to the room. If you use too many different types of art, your establishment will feel more like an art gallery than a relaxing lounge or lobby area.

Now that you know how to design an elegant and modern lounge or lobby, you’ll experience increased guest satisfaction, overall business revenue, and positive reviews. Making updates is becoming less of an option and more of a necessity. The sooner you make the changes, the sooner you’ll start seeing improvements in your business’s success.

How To Design an Elegant and Modern Lounge or Lobby

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