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The Biggest Dining Room Decorating Mistakes Homeowners Make

The Biggest Dining Room Decorating Mistakes Homeowners Make

Decorating your home is one of the most exciting parts of becoming a homeowner. Whether you just moved in or want to breathe new life into your dining room, you should make the space fit your personality and lifestyle. Although you may not use this room every day, making it look welcoming and sleek should be a priority. Plenty can go wrong in the decorating process; before finalizing any decisions, consider the biggest dining room decorating mistakes homeowners make.

Choosing the Paint Color First

Many people get so wrapped up in the excitement of redoing a room that they don’t know where to start, and some end up choosing their paint color first. Although your paint shades are an important decision, you should always select your furniture first to avoid unnecessary color clashes once you bring your new table and chairs into your freshly painted dining room.

Pro Tip

If you must choose your paint first, consider selecting a neutral color that won’t clash with any furniture you pick out later on.

Buying the Wrong Rug Size

An area rug is a nice feature in a dining room with hardwood or tile flooring. There’s nothing worse than getting cold feet as you eat dinner; thankfully, an area rug can keep your toes warm. However, you shouldn’t buy a smaller rug just because it’s the cheaper option. The rug you choose should be large enough for your table and chairs to sit on top, with space to move the chair out without going onto the flooring.

Nothing can make your dining room feel smaller or more off-balance than a too-small area rug. Be sure to take measurements in advance to avoid buying the wrong size to start.

Prioritizing Design Over Comfort

Design elements are essential when it comes to decorating a room; however, they’re not the only factors to consider. When looking at contemporary chairsfor your dining room, you shouldn’t purchase a set simply because the items fit the aesthetic you’re aiming for—this is important, but comfort should also be a priority. You and your guests may be sitting in the chairs you choose for hours at a time, so opting for something comfortable will benefit everyone involved.

Hanging Your Light Fixture Too High

If you have vaulted ceilings in your dining room, you might choose to hang a beautiful chandelier or another light fixture close to the ceiling for an elegant look. With that in mind, not having direct light on the table can cause unnecessary darkness in your eating area. Because everyone will be sitting down around the table, you can hang your light fixture lower than you normally would.

After learning about the biggest dining room decorating mistakes homeowners make,you can better prepare yourself for your remodeling plans. While you may not think your dining room is essential, your décor’s functionality could determine just how much time you and your family spend there.

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