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Tips for Choosing the Right Armchair for Your Bedroom

Tips for Choosing the Right Armchair for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your retreat, so it needs more than a bed and a side table. To make your bedroom a truly comfortable haven in your home, add a striking and comfortable chair. Here are some tips for choosing the right armchair for your bedroom.

Pay Attention To Scale

The size of your bedroom armchair should correspond with the size of your bedroom. A spacious master bedroom suite might be able to accommodate a large chaise or “chair and a half” with a footrest, while a smaller bedroom needs a chair that can occupy a corner without interfering with your traffic pattern. Considering the scale of your room and being attentive to balance and proportion are some of our most important tips for choosing the right armchair for your bedroom.

Consider Function

How will you use your bedroom armchair? Do you plan to read, watch television, or sit there while your partner is dressing for a night out? If you don’t know why you want a chair in your bedroom, you run the risk of adding one, only to turn it into a place to toss laundry or serve as a throne for the cat. Think about what you’ll need to feel comfortable while you’re doing what you’ll do in that armchair. If it’s to be the base for a reading corner, you may need to add a little side table for a pot of tea and your reading glasses. For watching television, comfort and height will be critical considerations. And is there room for a footrest?

Be Consistent—Or Not

Your bedroom already has a certain style. Adding an armchair can either continue your bedroom theme or add a pop of contrast. If you have a highly traditional bedroom, consider adding a modern contemporary armchair in an accent color to brighten a corner and take some of the burden off the bed as the center of attention. In a small bedroom, however, you’ll probably want to stay within the room’s color scheme and overall feel to maintain a more unified look. You don’t need a chair that demands too much attention in a small space.

Choosing a bedroom armchair is ultimately a matter of personal taste and style. When you consider scale, function, and style, you’ll find an armchair that will work for you.

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