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Tips for Incorporating Brushed Stainless Steel in Home Décor

Tips for Incorporating Brushed Stainless Steel in Home Décor

Adding metal to your home décor creates a unique look with incredible pops of brilliance. While you might think metal only belongs in the kitchen, you can use it throughout your entire home to cultivate a modern but rustic design. Explore these tips for incorporating brushed stainless steel in home décor to create the designs of your dreams.

Put It in Your Kitchen

While your kitchen is probably the most predictable location to use brushed stainless steel, you can make it look incredible, especially if your appliances are stainless steel. Consider installing a matching faucet, cabinet handles, and light fixture to tie your appliances into the rest of your kitchen design.

Consider Your Color Pairings

Mixing and matching is the key to an elegant but rustic design, but you should always consider your color pairings when it comes to adding metal. For instance, brushed stainless steel is a cool metal, and it pairs best with cool colors, such as blues, grays, and greens. While you can also pair it with white, brushed stainless steel may not be the best option to pair with warm colors, such as brown, beige, and mustard.

Mix Textures and Other Metals

Mixing textures and more than one metal might be controversial, but it can make beautiful décor pairings. Pair your neutral-colored sofa with gray wood end tables and brushed stainless steel lamps in your living room.

Many people believe that you have to choose one metal to accent the entire room, but it’s quite the opposite. You can select a warm metal to accent the stainless steel. Examples are gold, brass, and copper. Ultimately, the choice is up to you.

Keep It Simple

The ultimate tip for incorporating brushed stainless steel in home décor is to keep it simple! When you add too much of the same metal to your home, you create an overbearing metallic look. Adding a few touches of metal into your existing design is never a bad idea, and it might just be the extra flair you’re looking for.

Aside from making significant changes in your home, you can also purchase brushed stainless steel jars, canisters, or trays for simple touches of metal throughout your home. For contemporary home furniturethat looks splendid with brushed stainless steel décor, visit Harmony Modern online. The simple, elegant, and rustic home design you’re seeking awaits!

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