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Tips for Using Accent Chairs To Enhance a Room’s Design

Tips for Using Accent Chairs To Enhance a Room’s Design

Your furniture is a crucial part of your décor in any room, but finding the right piece to fill in gaps can be challenging. However, an accent chair might be just the thing you’re looking for.

Although comfort is important, it’s not the trademark of accent chairs. Instead, they’re usually smaller than lounge chairs and great for filling in an empty corner. Take these tips for using accent chairs to enhance a room’s design and apply them to your home.

Choosing a Chair

Although a chair purchase isn’t a huge decision, there are a few things to consider beforehand. Here are a few things to think about to avoid buyer’s remorse:

  • Measure the potential space before shopping
  • Be sure what you choose complements your décor
  • Check for good quality
  • Make sure it’s decently comfortable for just about anyone


Different chair styles provide unique aesthetics for your home, and each design allows you to express your personal style. Explore a few distinct options and find one that works best for you.

Barrel Chair

A barrel chair has a backing that curves around you as you sink into it. It makes for a perfect spot to get cozy and read a book alone or create a conversation area with two matching barrel chairs. Although these can go anywhere, they work best in your living room or family area.

Club Chair

A club chair provides a comfortable, deep seat suitable for just about anyone. It’s a roomy option, and its supportive arms offer a sense of security and comfort for its occupant. Club chairs are a great addition to your living room or even a bedroom, and you can pair them with a matching ottoman for optimum comfort.

Slipper Chair

Slipper chairs are the best way to provide extra seating in rooms with limited space. The signature feature of a slipper chair is that it has no arms, making it the perfect option to ‘slip’ into any space. Since it’s a smaller chair, make it stand out by choosing a unique fabric or bold color.

Modern Chair

Modern contemporary accent chairsmake a great addition to a bedroom, home office, or even a larger living room. They come in several unique colors, styles, and sizes, making it easy for everyone to find one they love for their home.

Fabric Options

While the style is important, choosing your fabric or upholstery is essential. Your choice can make or break the room’s overall design, but ensure you purchase something that you love.


Leather is one of the higher-end options, and it comes from animal hide. However, different types of leather vary in quality and price. Ensure you receive the best-quality option by choosing full-grain or top-grain, which comes from either the full animal hide or the top layers.


Cotton is both breathable and soft. Many manufacturers blend it with other materials, such as linen, polyester, or nylon, to increase its durability and stain resistance.


Silk is a high-end option and can be either natural or synthetic. However, you should be cautious about where you put a silk chair because it’s susceptible to tears, stains, and fading from the sun. Therefore, consider keeping it in a pet- and child-free area away from direct sunlight.


Microfiber is a tightly-woven polyester, making it easy to clean and soft to the touch. It’s a durable option and has a sleek suede appearance.

Where To Put It

Knowing you want to purchase an accent chair is the first step, but you have to plan out where you want to put it. Although you can put one almost anywhere, here are a few locations that make sense.

Living Room

Of course, a living or family room is the number one place to house the perfect accent chair. However, be diligent in choosing a furniture layout that allows the chair to stand out. If you have a larger living room, a pair of matching chairs with a small table creates a separate sitting area.


While a big bedroom is a good problem to have, you can use an accent chair to fill in the gap. Additionally, it makes sense to have a chair in your bedroom. It offers an ideal spot to lay out your clothes for the next day, set your purse for the night, or take a seat to put on your shoes.

Guest Room

While guest rooms are nice to have, you might feel like yours looks a little bare. If that’s the case, an accent chair can make the room look fuller and add a nice pop of color.

Home Office

You probably have a desk chair in your home office, but another chair can’t hurt. It allows room for a visitor or another option to move around during the day if you work remotely.

To Match or Not To Match

A difficult decision when deciding on an accent chair is whether it should match the rest of your furniture or not. While there’s no correct answer to this question, there are a few helpful guidelines.

An accent chair should look different from the rest of your furniture, but it should tie in naturally. In other words, you want it to stand out in the room, but you also want it to make sense with your décor.

However, if you purchase more than one accent chair, they should match each other, especially if you plan on putting them close together.

When and Where To Buy

While you might want to wait to make your purchase until you feel you can afford it, accent chairs don’t have to break the bank. Search around online for different options rather than settling for the smaller selection at your local furniture store.

Now that you know these tips for using an accent chair to enhance a room’s design, our team at Harmony Modern can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your home. Check out our website for an extensive selection of chairs with unique styles, colors, and designs.

Tips for Using Accent Chairs To Enhance a Room’s Design

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