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What Your Living Room Coffee Table Says About You

What Your Living Room Coffee Table Says About You

Although you may not think much about your coffee table, it may be a significant part of your decor or room layout. Because this table typically sits in the middle of the room, it serves as a focal point. As a result, you should be intentional about its appearance and contents. Whether you use it to set your drink, display candles, or add flair to the space, what your living room coffee table says about you may be surprising. Follow along for a few facts about yourself based on your coffee table usage.

If You Use a Coaster (or not)

Those that use coasters for their drinks are more likely to be avid planners. They may enjoy preparing for the future, preventing potential problems, and purchasing home goods that will last for several years. Risking a water ring on your beautiful table isn’t worth it to these individuals, as they would rather prevent the damage by taking a second to grab a coaster.

Non-Coaster Users

On the other hand, there is another group of people who don’t use coasters and set their drinks directly on the table instead. These people are most likely spontaneous and prefer to fix problems when they arise rather than prevent them. They’re probably really good at living in the moment but may not be as skilled at weighing your decisions before acting upon them.

If Your Tabletop Is Tidy

Even if you have a few decor items on your table, a tidy tabletop indicates that you’re a perfectionist. You most likely think everything in your home has a proper place, especially the items you look at every day. Those with neat coffee tables believe this piece of furniture can tie a room together and add a significant flair to their overall home decor. Furthermore, they’re always ready for unexpected guests because their home is always clean and organized.

If Your Table Is Cluttered or Messy

If your table is cluttered or messy, you’re likely someone who undertakes various projects, is always on the go, or prefers having fun over keeping a clean house. When you do have downtime from your busy days, you do what’s absolutely necessary to keep yourself fed and clean rather than spending time cleaning and organizing your home. Who needs a clean, clutter-free table when you could be out having a good time or working on something you love?

If the Table Collects Plants or Candles

If your modern contemporary coffee tabletends to collect beautifully scented candles, plants, and succulents, you likely love a fresh, cozy environment where you can relax. You believe your home should be a soothing, safe place, and your table reflects that belief. Bringing nature indoors and creating an ambient atmosphere is one of the best ways to unwind for many people.

After learning what your living room coffee table says about you, you may want to make changes. Many people don’t think much about their coffee table but they’re a crucial part of room decor, and these spaces wouldn’t feel the same without them.

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